Hôtel Bellier and its founders 


Hotel Bellier has an amazing and rich history and grew over the years with the Bellier’s family. Hotel Bellier already existed in the 19th century in La-Chapelle-en Vercors, Drôme. Around 1900, it was held by Augustine Bellier, and was then took over by her son and step Henry and her daughter-in-law Renée.


In 1932, the happy couple opened a refuge on the Plateau de Beurre (ski resort of the Col du Rousset) in the Vercors, where skiers could eat and sleep. Henry used sled dogs to resupply the shelter.

Passionate about skiing, Henri Bellier discovered Val d’Isère a few years later. He fell in love with the charm of this little village in the heart of the mountains, he decided to build a second Hotel there, after the war. The hotel Bellier in Val d’Isère first opened in December 1950 and was one of the firsts hotels in the ski resort.




Edmond, his older son, worked as a Chef with him for several years before taking over the Hotel with his wife Paulette in 1980 (you may even see her around in the hotel if you are lucky!). Their second daughter Fabienne with her daughters is now managing the hotel in La-Chapelle-En-Vercors, https://www.hotel-bellier.com/, while their youngest daughter Magali and her husband Jacques welcome you today in their authentic and cosy hotel in Val d’Isère. 

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